Saturday, June 7, 2014

Church Etiquette

1.       Always dress modestly and appropriately. 
2.       Use the restroom before or after Mass
3.       Arrive early to allow time to personally prepare.
4.       Refrain from talking; it’s distracting for those who have come to church to pray. 
5.       Turn off (or turn to vibrate) all mobile devices.
6.       Men & boys, remove hats and caps in church.
7.       Deposit any candy or gum in your mouth in the waste baskets in the vestibule.
8.       Make the sign of the cross with holy water upon entering the Church.
9.       Genuflect with great reverence on your right knee (Genuflecting to royalty, or the pope, you genuflect on your left knee), towards the Blessed Sacrament in the tabernacle before entering your pew.  If unable to genuflect, a profound bow is proper.
10.   Join in the singing.  This is how people participate in the Mass.  Know that singing is praying twice and gives great praise to God.
11.   Listen attentively to the readings.  God speaks directly to you through His words.
12.   Receive Holy Communion with deep devotion.  Receiving on the tongue or the hand is proper.  If you choose to receive in your hand, please make sure your hands are clean and you have your writing hand under the hand you will receive in.  Please make a simple bow behind the person in front of you just before you receive.
13.   Don’t leave until the priest has given his final blessing—we need all the blessings we can get.  Kneel after the recession and pray a thanksgiving prayer.
14.   Check the pew for all your belongs, before you leave.

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