Thursday, June 26, 2014

Does Prayer Change God's Mind

Who knows the mind of God?  Certainly, not me, I'm not sure I know my own mind, sometimes.  A question came up, last night, about the use of prayer.  We were reading Sunday's Readings.  Sunday is the Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul.  The discussion was so diverse and open-ended, that we never got beyond the first reading.  First Reading: Acts 12: 1-11

It was the fact that the church was praying for Peter, that set us off.  Peter was going to be martyred, which will happen, eventually, any way.  An angel comes and frees Peter.  Now if God is omniscient, then He knew what had happened to Peter, and what will happen to Peter.  Why pray if what will be, will be?  (See our dilemma?)  What do people expect when they pray?  To change God's mind?  Whoa, that's presumptuous on our part, isn't it?  If prayer does change His mind, why does He pick and choose which ones to grant?  What kind of god is that?

My 2 cents:  God uses our prayers to accomplish His Will.  I know that He's granted my prayers when I didn't deserve it.  Remember when I got stopped by the cops?  Click here to refresh your memory.  I was in the wrong, yet I prayed for mercy.  I didn't deserve it, but God gave me (His unworthy servant) a blessing.  Thanks be to God.

Who am I to question God?  He wants us to talk to Him.  He wants communication.  Prayer fulfills God's Will.  I'm sure of it.

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