God, Learning and Fun

What does Spring mean to you?  That was the question Fr. Bernie asked at Mass this morning, at Our Lady of the Cape Parish.  Some answers were:

  • crocuses 
  • daffodil
  • spring training
  • Mother's Day
  • opening day at the Red Sox
The answer for Fr. Bernie was the Herring Run in Brewster.  There is a famous one in Brewster, and you know the herring are here because of all the sea gulls hanging around for dinner.

My hangout is Falmouth, MA, and we have a Herring Run, also, at Truck River.  The River is rife with sea life, which is why it's such a good place to see the ecology, biology, and marine life.

The herring are important in the food chain, which is why they are monitored.  Their health and well being reflect the overall state of well being of the coastal ecosystem.

Isn't Catholicism a great religion?  Not only do you receive Jesus in the Eucharist, but you learn about herring.  God, learning, and fun, you can't get any better than that.

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