Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Very Good Bad DayI

Ordinarily, a cold, windy, drizzly day would be a bad day.  This was not so, this cold, windy and drizzly day.  Hubby and I were invited on a Senior Citizen's trip.  We know some of the senior citizens who belong to the Senior Trail Blazers. They walk around town every Wednesday.  Hubby and I belong to the Trail Hikers, and we hike through state parks and other wooded areas, on Thursdays.  There are some people who belong to both groups.

Can you follow that?  Well, that's how we were invited to go on the Senior Trail Blazers' picnic to Castle Island in Boston Harbor.  They didn't have enough people to fill the bus, so knowing that hubby and I enjoy walking, we were asked to join the picnic.

The weather this morning was cold, windy, and drizzling rain.  The prediction was that this weather pattern would last all day.  Even so, we went, hoping that the trip would be canceled.  It wasn't.

We went to Boston.  We walked around Castle Island.  Although we did have the picnic on the bus.
 We all laughed about it.  We did enjoy the walk.  The rain wasn't pouring hard; it was a drizzle.  It was cold and windy but we knew that, and were dressed properly.  It really wasn't bad at all.  In fact, we enjoyed ourselves.

Think about it.  You can't garden, mow the lawn, or do any outdoor activity.  What would we have done, if we stayed home.  Blog?

We got out and watched the planes land at Logan airport.  We saw a container ship being unloaded.  We even saw a crazy para-sailer surf at Carson Beach.  We met new friends.  We laughed alot.

We even stopped at Bubbling Brook on the way home and had ice cream.

It was a good, bad day.

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