Thursday, May 8, 2014

How to Get Attention in the Emergency Room

The day was perfect.  We saw a chirping swallow, a gold finch, and heard an oven bird.  A harmless garter snake slithered across the path.  We screamed because of the surprise of suddenly seeing something move, but no one was frightened.  Our bridge was washed away, but we just walked around.  Nothing spoiled our hike.

During conversation, I heard a funny story.  It's tick season, so that was the subject we were discussing.  Kevin told us a story about a man who found a tick in his armpit, when he was showering.  Deer ticks can be tricky, and this one couldn't be reached safely.  So the man and his wife decided to go to the emergency room, even though they didn't want to sit and wait, and wait, and wait.  The wife said to tell them you must have picked up the tick having adventurous sex in the woods.  "That'll get their attention, fast!"  They both laughed.

Once in the emergency room, they gave their insurance and history.  When the recorder asked, "What's the problem?"  The man said, "I have a tick in my armpit."  But the wife piped up, "We were having adventurous sex in the woods!"

There was no response.

But they were seen immediately.  And as they walked down the corridor to their assigned room, doors opened and heads popped out to look.

BTW,  the tick was expeditiously removed.  He's fine, so far.

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