Saturday, May 17, 2014

Walking Along the Beach

from MEK's Pencil in the Hole

A little gray seal followed me while I walked the beach, this morning.  I saw his little spaniel like snout pop out of a wave, as I scanned the varying colors of the water.  I shouted “Good morning,” and laughed as he dove under a wave. 

  I was going to skip a rock across the surface of the water, but I didn't want to scare away my little friend.  My son, so far this year, holds the “rock skipping” record at nine jumps.  He did that, this weekend, with me as a witness.  I was alone, so that was another reason, not to skip the rock on the surface.  Who’d back up my claim to breaking the new “rock skipping” record?

Instead, I started my Rosary.  I was praying in thanksgiving for bringing hubby home safely yesterday, for a beautiful morning, for reacquainting my senses with the ocean, for life—glorious life.  There’s a plethora of seaside life, on the beach.  When I came back home, I looked up some of the plant life; I’d forgotten about since last summer.  The fish and mammals (seals), and periwinkles, etc., even the sand dunes have life.   God is such a show off.

Walking the beach and praying, thanks be to God.

A Priest's Day

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