Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Prayer Group Moves

The pipe burst in the room the prayer group used.  Water leaked all over their Bibles and song books.  That is unfortunate.  But the pastor, Father Diotrophes looked on the good side.  Maybe he'd be rid of the prayer group.  They were always shuffling around with their pious devotional objects taking over every space in the church, and their insipid smiling and nodding of their heads...oh, they just annoyed him.  They were only a handful of people, but they seemed to be omnipresent.  Anyways, perhaps this burst pipe would prove to be a blessing.

Of course they were sad when they saw the condition their room was in.  But they accepted God's will.  Where could they have their prayer group meetings?

Father Diotrophes suggested their leader's house.

"No, he lived in a small apartment."

"Someone else's home?"

"The rectory?"

"Yikes!  Father exclaimed.  "No way! ur, I mean that would be too disruptive to parish business."

After discussion, Father was forced to agree to letting them use the sacristy. He hated to agree to it, but it was better than the other idea of using the rectory.

"The plumbing work had better be quick."  The pastor thought.  Then he had an inspiration.  He would ask the prayer group to pray for a fast resolution to the plumbing problems.  After all, they were the most efficacious prayer warriors he knew.

And he congratulated himself for thinking of it.  

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