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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Age Profiling

 This morning at the Senior Center, we were collating the newsletter, and chatting.  One lady related a story of being stopped by the police for going too slow.  That's embarrassing, but not as shockingly hurtful as being asked if she wanted to call one of her children to help her.  

She was driving slow because she was looking for an address, it was also night time, and there were no cars around--except a cop with nothing to do, hiding in a driveway.  Luckily, she knows that policemen are right even when they're wrong, so she didn't argue.  She calmly and logically explained why she was driving slowly and the policeman accepted her reasons.  Whew!

Not so lucky was another friend.  She was lost and found herself crossing the wrong bridge and wasn't sure how to correct her mistake.  So she called the police.  She was embarrassed and not sure of the roads ...the result was that the cop took her license away.  !!!!  It cost her a small fortune to get it back.  She had to have an eye exam and a physical from doctors.  Then she had to get a driving permit.  After the permit, she had to go to driver education classes.  Whereupon, she was permitted to take the driving test to get a license.  She did all of it and succeeded.

People talk about being racially profiled.  How about being profiled because you're old?  

*Profiling--the act of targeting a person on the basis of observed characteristics.

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