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The Red Sheet


The Red Sheet by Mia Kerick is a book parents won’t want their teens to read.  But on the other hand, teens are going to love it.  The story reeks of teen angst.  There’s sports, “cool kids”, even a cool kid lunch table, bullying, sexual identity, and parent and teacher relationships.

The parents won’t like the casual profane language, or the sexual identity crisis. It's too racy.  But that’s real.  Kids do talk like that, and they certainly go through the same problems Bryan encounters.  Although I bet the teen readers will think the red sheet idea, lame, it won’t stop them from continuing to read, because the author, Mia Kerick hooks her readers.

The story is about Bryan Dennison waking up one morning feeling abnormally generous and kind, and having a weird desire to wear a red sheet, like a super hero’s cape.  Although this preposterous desire may turn you off, the author, Mia Kerick hooks her reader into wanting to read more, with her colloquial language and story line and true characterization.

Bryan naturally recognizes the fact that he can’t go around wearing a sheet, but he does stuff it into his backpack.  It’s a security blanket.  He needs it because he is embarking on a life changing adventure.
His character has changed.  He is a model of good behavior.  This would be fine, except Bryan also has no memory of the past few weeks.  He picks up from the kids’ reactions and comments, that he was a bully, a jock, and was an all-around selfish lout.  The reader wants to know the past, too.  Figuring out what the past involved, is the story.

Within the story are many themes, all involving relationships, parent and child, teacher and student, friends and former friends.  The scenes are realistic and written well.  In the end, everything is worked out.  The readers are lifted out of ordinary school life and forced to think.  Who’s bullied?  Is bullying dependent upon individual perception?  What role do friends play?  Do you think Bryan deserves a second chance?  Would you forgive him?  What do you think happens to the red sheet?

Mia Kerick’s novel absorbs the reader with a good story; it’s different and contemporary.  The characters could be considered corny or predictable, but that hardly matters.  The story is too engaging and carries the reader into high school reality.  The Red Sheet entertains and makes the reader, if not wear a red sheet, well at least, be a better person. 

Title: The Red Sheet 
Author: Mia Kerick 
Genre: Young Adult 
Publisher: Harmony Ink Press 
Release Date: February 20, 2014 
Format: Paperback or eBook 
Pages: 190 
Source: Tribute Books 
Available for purchase:

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