Friday, September 26, 2014

Misconstrued Information

Don't you think the media has done itself in?  I'm writing about how it highlights pieces of a feature to get your attention.  TV news will do this.  The 5 o'clock news will announce some interesting news that it knows most people are interested in, only to say that it will be on the 10 o'clock news.

Months ago the media was a buzz about Irish nuns massacring babies found in a cistern.  Later the news had to apologize for misinformation. It makes me wonder how many people believed and heard only the condemning information.  I hope however, that as fast as bad news spreads, so can't good news.

Now it's the Pope performing wedding ceremonies with couples who admittedly were living together.

Oh horrors!  (sarcastic emphasis)  Think about it.  It's the job of the church to legitimize the relationship.

The bulletins the media chooses are sometimes laughable.  Are people stupid?

My mother taught me, as I was learning to read, "Believe half of what you read, and none of what you hear."


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