Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Discomfort of Silence

You have to know where my "cloistered brothers" are coming from.  Their frame of reference in looking at John 8: 1-11, was something I had never considered before.

This is the story of the woman caught in adultery.  Jesus bends down and writes in the dirt.  This was our discussion.  Nothing was proposed that wasn't heard of before, until one of my brothers suggested that Jesus bending down was a technique.  He was stalling for time. Everyone was quiet and wondering what He was doing.  During this time of silence, they had to be thinking.

This is an interrogation technique.  The police interrogating a person uses silence.  The interrogator will stare and wait.  The silence is uncomfortable.  Most can't stand it.

One by one, the accusers went away.  The more they thought about it, the more uncomfortable they felt and that drove them away.  


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