Friday, September 5, 2014

God's Humor

Lord, you know that man You gave me for a husband, You were kidding, right?  Remember that time he was doing the shopping and he bought that jar of yucky pickles that no one in the family liked?  I mean, it took us twenty years to finish it because no one was eating it.  And when I asked him why he bought pickles that no one liked and it took us twenty years to eat.  His response was "I thought it was a good buy.  It lasted us a good twenty years!"

And don't forget the time I asked him for some sort of hook in the closet, to hang my bathrobe.  He was puzzled so I showed him the nail sticking out of the closet, which he used to hook the belt loop of his jeans.

"You want a nail?"

"No, I want something nicer--something better--something more special than just an ordinary nail."

You remember Lord?  Do You remember?  And his response

"Do you want a galvanized nail?".

OK.  See my point?  I mean, he is a love, but is he suppose to be my ticket to heaven?  


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