Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Bike Ride

It was such a beautiful day that hubby and I rode our bikes along Cape Cod Canal.  We could have gone on forever, with the wind at our backs, but riding back into the headwind was heavy going.  I could see the boats having a hard time with the wind and the strong currents.  A sign on the Sagamore Bridge gave me pause.  It read "No Wake 10 MPH".  How is a boat to go through currents running at a coefficient of about 100, with the wind at 30 kts.?

I marveled at the men painting the Sagamore Bridge.  They were way, way, up there in the wind.

Hubby and I came upon a man who was struggling to bring a big fish in.  It was almost half the size of the man!  His name was Danny and I took his picture and emailed him the photo.

We only biked bridge to bridge (Bourne Bridge to Sagamore Bridge).  It was a good workout because we really had to struggle riding into the head wind.

It's the Culture

What's the difference between then and now?  Most think technological differences, but I contend it's cultural differences.  And...