Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday Snippets -- A Catholic Carnival

Here we go again--another Sunday Snippets.  This is a weekly "blognic."  We Catholic bloggers get together and link up.  Thanks for R'Ann at This and That and The Other Thing blog, for hosting this Catholic Carnival.

Before I tell you about my week, let me tell you about a change in my life, and also ask for your prayers.  My daughter is pregnant.  This is her second pregnancy.  She had gestational diabetes with her first pregnancy.  And it didn't go away.  This second pregnancy is therefore labeled "high risk."  This means she is carefully monitored.  She can't eat the foods she loves and is sick of pricking herself.  But I'm more concerned with the financial cost of the double medical bills.  She has been assigned two doctors.  One who will deliver her baby at the local hospital.  The other is a specialist at Mass General in Boston.  The Boston doctor will do all the tests.  And she has to see this specialist often, more often as the delivery times get closer.  $$$$$$$$$

In prayer, I was asking Our Lord to watch over and keep her safe and became really worried over her diabetes.  The family had a niece who died only a few years ago from complications of diabetes.  She just never woke up from her nightly sleep.  She was only in her forties.  I started to cry over my worry and asked God to take my life, rather than my daughter's and the baby's.  I offered my suffering over their's.  Suddenly, I was overwhelmed with the assuring warmth that God heard me and answered me.  I understood that He loved me exactly like I love my daughter, because He did exactly what I was doing--He offered Himself for me.

He suffered and died for His children.  You know, I can't talk about this experience without crying.  But I had no trouble writing it.  Now you know, please pray for the health of my daughter, and for a healthy baby.  Thank you.

Here's what happened this week:

Monday -- I answered the question, "Do the Clothes Make the Man?"

Tuesday -- Advertisement for Michael Seagriff's book, The Silly, Sentimental and the Sublime

Wednesday -- Book Review of the Children of the Knight by Michael J. Bowler

Thursday -- This post was about the need to have a relationship with God.

Friday -- Defended my Catholic family.

Saturday -- A question for God

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