Thursday, February 20, 2014

My Picture of Heaven

The resurrection of the body means that what we have lived in the body will not go to waste but will be lifted in our eternal life with God.  As Christ bears the marks of his suffering in his risen body, our bodies in the resurrection will bear the marks of our suffering.  Our wounds will become signs of glory in the resurrection.   
- Henri J. M. Nouwen  

I hope Nouwen isn't correct in his view of heaven.  I don't want my fat body with its too long legs and nose.  Glorified fat isn't my idea of heaven.  Fatness is a wound and I don't think it want it to be a sign of my glory.

I picture heaven is where everybody is equally beautiful.  I've heard it said that we will have our bodies as they were at age 33.  What if you didn't live that long?  What if you were grotesquely fat at age 33.  I don't want this body at all.  I want a new one.

If happiness is heaven, then what will our glorified bodies look like?  All these people who have had near death experiences always recognize their loved ones.  How come their bodies aren't glorified?  They must still be ugly, if they're recognized.

Who knows?


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