Friday, February 28, 2014


Before I tell you about Ultreya, let me ask you for prayers for Amanda.  I spotted her sitting alone in church, tonight. So I went over to her after Mass and asked her if she was new.  She responded in the affirmative, so I told her that I was too, and that we should go downstairs for refreshments together.  She refused.

So I went over to Bob and sent him over to her.

Then I sent the Deacon over to her.

Lastly, I told Father Al about her, and he went over.

She went with Bob. I went over and sat with her.  Her name is Amanda and she doesn't know why she came into the church, or what we were doing, or what we're about.  She ate something and left.  I just feel she needed prayers.

What we were doing was celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and an Ultreya.  Ultreya is continuing the Cursillo experience.  We listened to Paul give his testimony.  He taught me a maxim that I never heard before.

When God upsets your plans its because you were going to upset His plans for you.

I like that and can think over the many times in life that it's true.

After Mass and introducing myself to Amanda, everyone went downstairs for a palanca party.  We ate and drank and wrote palanca.

I really can't tell you more than that.  It would be like explaining transubstantiation.  You have to live it.  Go live a cursillo.


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