Monday, February 3, 2014

What Strength and Force of Character Can Do

I am Abraham by Jerome Charyn
According to the back of the book, Jerome Charyn is a master writer.  I am Abraham does not prove that description wrong.  I received an understanding of not only a man, but the times, the politics, the family life, and the Civil War. This story may be fiction, but Jerome Charyn captures the spirit of the times. 

I am Abraham begins with Abraham in his twenties.  He’s a young man who defines the term “self-made man.”  He was born poor and had to work hard, twice as hard, to overcome his origins.  By sheer force of personality, intelligence, and perseverance, Abe earns respect and position, even a wife.

This book is significant historical fiction.  My appetite to learn more was increased.  I kept googling generals, Jeff Davis, Robert Todd Lincoln, Elizabeth Keckley, Mary Todd Lincoln, etc.  I knew Lincoln had to juggle stress from his wife, children, political factions, and generals, but I never considered his own mental and emotional state.  Everyone wanted a piece of him.  I don’t know how he did it. .  I consider I am Abraham’s strength is its character analysis.

I was also very surprised that the Emancipation Proclamation was a political tool and campaign strategy to win the war.  The North needed man power and if the slaves were free to leave the south, not only would that cause havoc for the south, but increase the manpower of the north. 

The style was perfect for I am Abraham.  There was enough dialect for flavor, but no confusion in what was meant.  The pace was good.  I would recommend this book for book club reading.  What good discussions would be elicited. 

I received a free copy of I am Abraham by Jerome Charyn, from Tribute Books.  No other compensation was received and my review is my honest evaluation.

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Publisher: Liveright
Release: February 3, 2014

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