Monday, February 10, 2014

Evangelizing the Complacent

My Lay Dominican Chapter, Our Lady of Mercy, is reading Evangelii Gaudium.  We were discussing paragraph 24, which exhorts the Church to "smell like sheep."  The pope visions a church reaching out to the people, particularly the marginalized.

Jesus got involved with the lowly, including washing the feet of his disciples.  An evangelizing community gets involved by word and deed in people's daily lives...  Evangelizers thus take on the "smell of the sheep" and the sheep are willing to hear their voice.

Sheep in general became the topic.  One of the "cloistered brothers" said how stupid the sheep were.  They don't know enough to come in out of the rain.  One of my sisters, who is from Scotland, where she said there were more sheep than people, added," If they were crossing the road and decided to stop, they stayed there.  No horn blowing, revving your engine, yelling at them, shooing them, would work.  If you were in your car, there was nothing to do but wait.  You had to wait for the shepherd, or the sheep dog to come and lead them away from the road."

We people are as dumb as the sheep.  Certainly not dumb because of comparable intelligence.  But as Sister Amata labels it, "complacency."  Life is too good; we've become complacent.  We don't want to change.

Like the sheep happily blocking the road.  Why move?  They're happy where they are.

You move because if you don't, life will make you.  Imagine someone with road rage meeting up with those sheep blocking the road.  Lamb shish kabobs would be cheap.

It will rain and the sheep's wooly coat will get awfully cold, wet, and heavy.  How long would it take to blow dry lamb's wool?

The sheep will starve to death if they're not let to food.  Do you want that to happen?

What does spiritual death mean?  It means no God.  No God means no love.  No God means no hope.  No God means no divine life.

If you care about your fellow man, then lead them off the road of complacency, and into the warmth of the Christian barn, with good nutritious Catholic food, served with love.

Jesus asks you, "Feed my sheep." "Do this in remembrance of me."


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