Monday, February 24, 2014

Treating Others How You Want to Be Treated

Guess who I met tonight.  Scot Landry came to Mass tonight with Fr. Chris.  Scot talked with my "cloistered brothers," after Mass.

We all listen to Scot's radio show, "The Good Catholic Life" on Boston Catholic Radio.  So it was nice to put a face on the voice.

Personally, I wanted to meet Scot because he is the Executive Director and President of Catholic Voices, in USA.  I had a few things to get off my chest.  First of all, when Catholic Voices first came to this diocese, why did they ask for applicants?  You see Catholic Voices does what we Lay Dominicans have been doing, since the thirteenth century--defend the Faith.  So also do Lay Franciscans.  We both are half contemplative and half apostolic.  We preach.

OK, so they were ignorant.  They didn't know Church history.  They didn't know we were here.  They didn't know us.  They didn't know that Dominicans have the model for disputation. ( Do you see any Albigensians around?)

So we Lay Dominicans applied and told them.  We're still waiting for a response; it's been over a year.  We're still waiting.....

One of the first things a Lay Dominican learns in disputatio is
                                      people remember how you made them feel
                                      it's not about you; it's not about winning; be respectful
                                                        and always keep in mind
                                      never deny, seldom affirm, and always distinguish

Well, Catholic Voices flunked.  F

I told Scot this.  Catholic Voices should have sent out letters saying "thank you for applying, but no thank you."  Form letters are acceptable.  Anyway, I got to vent.

I learned more about Catholic Voices USA.  They train people to be like Dominicans.  They go on radio and TV, write letters to the editor, and blog, and give talks--just like us.

 Maybe we should recruit them.


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