Saturday, November 30, 2013

Condemning Then and Now

Waiting Too!
Yesterday's and today's Reading were both from the second letter of the apostle Peter.  I think he could have just as well be writing to us, today.  Are not these passages applicable to today?

...Recall the teaching delivered long ago by the holy prophets, as well as the new command of the Lord and Savior preached to you by the apostles. pour abuse on things of which they are ignorant...Thinking daytime revelry a delight, they are stain and defilement as they share your feasts in a spirit of seduction.  Constantly on the lookout for
a woman, theirs is a never ending search for sin.  They lure the weaker types.  Their hearts are trained in greed.

What we await are new heavens and a new earth where, according to his promise, the justice of God will reside.
    So, beloved while waiting for this, make every effort to be found without stain or defilement, and at peace in his sight.  Consider that our Lord's patience is directed toward salvation.  Paul, our beloved brother, wrote you this in the spirit of wisdom that is his, dealing with these matters as he does in all his letters.  There are certain passages in them hard to understand.  The ignorant and the unstable distort them (just as they do the rest of Scripture) to their own ruin.

Peter could be preaching today.  Is there reason to place these Readings in the days before Advent?  Advent is the coming of Christ.  We wait.  Peter thought he was waiting!  Take heart, He came once, He said He would come again.  He promised; He will do it.  Amen.

It's the Culture

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