Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Auntie Mae

My friend Priscilla loves animals.  She has more than a couple of dogs and cats.  She can't afford vacations because it would costs too much money to board her pets.  And who would be crazy enough to offer to take care of all the critters.

It also costs quite a bit to feed and take care of veterinary needs.  So she makes cat and dog toys on the side.  My cat likes her cat naps.  These are a soft mats that I place inside her carrier, or surfaces I don't won't cat fur all over.

As an attraction to catch people's attention, she uses this three-four foot high doll.  Her name is Auntie Mae, and is Priscilla's alter-ego.  Auntie Mae goes to flea markets and tries to sell her wares.

If you love animals, why don't you contact Priscilla and ask about her toys and cat naps, and find out what else, she sells.   dogsila@yahoo.com

It's the Culture

What's the difference between then and now?  Most think technological differences, but I contend it's cultural differences.  And...