Saturday, November 9, 2013

Bl. Henry Suso

Bl. Henry Suso, I learned today, was a Rhineland mystic.  In the 14th century the religious fad seemed to
tend to mysticism.  This is what we talked about at a Lay Dominican Regional meeting, today.  The talk was given by Father Augustine Reisenhauer, O.P.

Henry Suso was widely read in his times.  Many of his quotes are still used, today.  He was quite a personality.  He practiced many mortifications.  This picture portrays a cilice, that Suso wore.  He didn't take a bath for twenty five years.  This made me wonder, if it were his companions that were offering up the penance!

In spite of this extreme mortification, people were attracted to him.  He was a spiritual director to many nuns.  Later in life, he moderated his corporal penances.  He must have to live up to his 70's. He had different penances by then.  People persecuted him, he had to defend his teachings, he was libeled, and vilified.  He bore it all, stoically.  He always remained a good and holy man.  Jesus Christ was his center and life.

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