Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival

The site I visit most often is my parish website.  St. Mary's has an excellent web site.  It's very current, which is why I check it so often.  I like other sites which I have read about on RAnn's This That n' The Other Thing.  

Every Sunday, we Catholic bloggers participate in this "Catholic Carnival."  We look over our week's posts and link them to RAnn's.  Now, if you go over to  you can see other interesting sites, and soon you'll have some favorites too!

This week I posted every single day:

Sunday -- I alerted the world to the travesty that the prison administration is perpetrating on my "cloistered brothers."  They have listed their Lay Dominican crosses as contraband.  Hence, if they wear them, they will be punished.  That means thrown in the hole (put in solitary confinement), or transferred to a different prison (away from their Lay Dominican Chapter).  Prayers are requested.

Monday -- Sydney Carter wrote many of the lyrics to the folk songs of the 1960's.  He was a poet, well known for his pacifist political views.  I paid tribute to him here.

Tuesday -- Since my name is Faith, and since the name of my blog is The One True Faith, and since my religious name is Sister Faith in the Blessed Trinity, and since I've always believed that Faith is the greatest of virtues, and since I've always taken umbrage to being told that "love," is the greatest virtue, I finally, humbly admit in this post, that love is the greatest.

Wednesday -- I once again, thank God I'm Catholic, in this post.

Thursday -- Halloween reflection on the dead, who are really more alive than they ever were.

Friday -- Mr. Ronald Vardiman, O.P., was a poet, and Lay Dominican, whom I have long admired.  This post is my tribute.

Saturday --  Guess what!  Much to my delight, I found another "link up" with my fellow Catholic bloggers on this site.

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