Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Snippets and a Catholic Carnival Around My House

According to my hubby, our house is a religious shrine.  He's threatened to toss everything out, if I bring in one more religious artifact.

So I've learned discretionary tactics.  What do you think?

Up the Sidewalk to my front door.
First thing you see.
Irish monk--there's two.
Beside my rocking chair.

Kitchen Garden Window.

Outside on the porch.

On the kitchen Stove

Dining Room

My favorite bookcase.

Above our bed.

On my bureau.

St. Dominic

Computer Room--Cursillo Poster

Computer Room -- Cursillo Poster

Computer Room

Computer Room -- Cursillo Poster

 Does my home look like a Catholic Carnival?  Good.  I like it like that; besides, I live here, too.  This week I'm connecting to RAnn's Sunday Snippets, to tell everyone about what I posted, this past week.

Monday -- This was the Feast of St. Martin of Tours.  I wrote about his death.

Tuesday -- My take on the New Evangelization.

Wednesday -- I posted a You Tube video of the first talk, at Magnificat Day in Philadelphia.

Thursday -- An appeal for blogger, Tom Peters.

Friday --  It was the Feast of St. Albert the Great.

Saturday --  I wrote a funny short story.

It was a good week.  Why don't you head over to RAnn's This n' That n' The Other Thing and see what my friends posted?

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