Friday, November 1, 2013

De Profundis

Mr. Ronald Vardiman, O.P.

Placing "De Profundis" in eLumen, I read with great sadness that Ron Vardiman has died.

De Profundis

Name:                   Mr. Ronald G. Vardiman, O.P.
Religious Name:     Thomas Aquinas
Final Promise:        April 27, 2003
Date of Death:       September 28, 2013

I knew him as a Preacher Poet.  He won prizes and contributed to the OPrize for Poetry contests.  Ron was a much loved and respected Novice Master, as well as a scientist, a philosopher of Bernard Lonergan, and a preacher poet.  He will be missed.

              Paradise Sought*

Might I now dream with one immortal eye
to penetrate the veil that hides the world
unknown, concealed by time until we die,
and view the heav'nly host with flags unfurled
before the glory of the Throne of Light;
to hear the hymn of love cascading down
in flashing streams that course far out of sight,
the living prayer of all who wear the crown.
But I must spend my life in this world's mire
half blind and wandering through drowning days.
Yet shall I hope in love's redeeming fire
to warm my wintry soul, and light my way.
For heaven is not gained by dream or vow,
but through God's forge and hammer, here and now.

*from the Fourth Annual OPrize for Poetry, The Preacher Poets, ed. Mr. Robert Curtis, O.P., Dominicus Books, Inc, 2008, p. 35

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