Sunday, September 30, 2012

Spiritual but not Religious

When someone tells me that there spiritual, but not religious, they're telling me that they don't know what they're talking about.  I think they're trying to tell me that they don't go to church, but they do think about God.

My question is, if they think about God, why do they think God makes us.  What's our purpose and what does God want from us?  More likely, they think "Nothing," to all my questions.   They probably don't think God wants anything from us because....why?

See, I don't think the "I'm spiritual but not religious," people,  have thought that much about it.  They might used the expression, "Oh my God," but that's not spiritual, and certainly not religious.  

They might even think that exercise is spiritual, i.e., Yoga, Tai Chi.  Maybe being a vegetarian is spiritual.  Any thing New Age is spiritual.  But not organized religion.  

Since these people haven't thought very deeply about theology they don't have any answers to humanity's big questions.  They have no rational explanation for man's desire for "good," for "love," for "beauty," for our very existence.  

They're just to lazy to think, nevermind join a church.

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