Tuesday, September 18, 2012


This is a caboose.  The closest I've ever been to a caboose was when my brother use to shoot the little chimneys on the tops of the caboose with a "BB" gun; for which he was busted, kicked in the ass by the cops and strapped by my father.

All that changed today.  Hubby and I were offered the opportunity of a life time.  You see we wanted to take the train from Weirs Beach, NH to Meredith, NH.  But we were the only people on the train!  Weirs is a summer resort and just about closes down on Labor Day.  Well, we come from Cape Cod, and after Labor Day is the best time to go to the Cape because that's when all the tourists are gone.  We thought the same would be true in New Hampshire.  Well, not quite.  Everything in Weirs is almost closed for the season.  The train only runs two days.  

So we found ourselves riding alone.  Actually there was a bus load of senior citizens, but they were separated from us, in a different car.  They were on one of those senior citizen trips, that offer lunch and a train ride.  

Picture this.  There we are waiting for the train; the only people at the station.  It slowly clang, clangs, its way to the station.  As it very slowly passes by, the engineer sticks his head out the window and asks us, "Are you waiting for the train."  After we answered in the affirmative, it stopped.  I guess if we had said "No," it would have not stopped.  

A conductor, who we later learned was named Leo, hopped out, welcomed and seated us.  Once we started up, Leo sat down with us and we exchanged pleasantries.  He was so funny!  He also offered us the opportunity of a life time.  He asked us if we would like to ride in the caboose.  

Are you kidding me?

Is the Pope Catholic?

Not only did we ride in the cabose, we rode in the compartment above the caboose.  The best seat on the train.  We were above the trees.  What a view!  God is good.

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