Saturday, September 22, 2012

Satire on Confession

This morning on my way to Mass, Fr. Mitch Pacwa was on the radio.  He made me laugh out loud.  He was talking about confession.  Some people say that they don’t need to go to confession because they haven’t killed anybody.

   Father said “That’s very good, if you compare yourself to Al Capone!”  You have to compare yourself to Jesus.”

Now wait a minute, before you say “Oh.”  Think about it.

Have you worked on Sunday?  Fourth Commandment
                Mark 3:1-6

Have you caused your parents grievous anxiety?  Fifth Commandment
                Luke 2: 39-52

Have you given scandal?  Have you associated with bad companions?
                Disciples picked grain Mark 2: 23-28  
                Jesus associated with sinners  Matt: 11:19

So how do you compare to Jesus?

How do you define satire?

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