Sunday, September 16, 2012


Well, I won the fight.  As Formation Director, I wanted to gift YOUCAT (Catholic catechism for teens) to all our Aspirants.  I'm talking about the guys wanting to enter into the Postulancy stage of Our Lady of Mercy Chapter of Lay Dominicans.

The President of our chapter read some negative comments, regarding the book.  My argument included the fact that the catechism was compiled by our brother, Christoph Cardinal Schönborn
Also, even though the guys who would be reading YOUCAT aren't teens, they're more teen, than adult.  Well, they are.  I'm speaking educationally, mentally, emotionally.  Anyway, I enjoy and learn from it, so can't they.

Anyway, the objections are about the English translation.  And I've read that those objections are being addressed in future editions.

My favorite thing about YOUCAT is the pictures.  In fact, I often look at the margins first, before I read what I needed referenced.

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