Monday, September 3, 2012

Mother and Child Saints

In reading Catholic Exchange, the leading article, How Many Saint Pairs are there?, immediately brought Bl. Jane of Aza to mind.  The Catholic Church honors two of her children: Bl. Mannes and St. Dominic.

Bl. Jane is known as the mother of St. Dominic.  She is the one who had the dream of the dog with the torch in his mouth that was the harbinger of St. Dominic.  The dream told her that she would give birth to someone who would bring the light to the world.

She had other children, also.  Mannes, Dominic's brother, we also honor as Blessed.

Blessed Mannes, an older brother of Saint Dominic, was born at Caleruega, Spain, about 1170. He was among his younger brother's first followers and later assisted in establishing the priory of Saint-Jacques at Paris in 1217. In 1219 he was entrusted with the care of the Dominican nuns at Madrid. According to an early source he was "a contemplative and holy man, meek and humble, joyful and kind, and a zealous preacher." He died at the Cistercian monastery of San Pedro at Garniel d'Izan near Caleruega about the year 1235.

So Jane was blessed to raise two saints among her children and family.  She is a model to keep in mind, besides St. Monica and St. Anne, the mother of Mary.  St. Anne is the grandmother of Jesus.  I wonder if Jesus knew her.  She also must have been someone special to raise Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

Lord, bless all mothers and their children. 

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