Pope Francis Reminds Me of St. Dominic

When the Order of Preachers was a gleam in St. Dominic's eye, too many of the clergy were lording it over the people.  They lived a lavish, if not immoral lifestyle.  Hence Dominic made his Order, mendicant.  The Order took a vow of poverty.  St. Dominic was so moved by the hungry beggars, that he sold his books to get food for them.

In reading an interview of a former professor of Pope Francis, Father Juan Carlos Scannone, to Mauro Castagnaro, I read a description of St. Dominic Pope Francis.

Jorge Mario has three great qualities: he is a man of spirituality, and when he was my provincial I had the impression that he ruled based on spiritual discernment, at least with respect to me. He is austere, so that in Buenos Aires he traveled by subway or bus -- and often visited the poor neighborhoods, defending priests who worked there. He is determined, and therefore he will implement the necessary changes in the Church, but without causing a rupture.

Father Scannone continues to state his expectations of Pope Francis.  You can read the interview at the blog Public Vigil.

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