Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Gratitude for Beer

Great Day!  Today hubby and I went to Boston to tour Sam Adams Brewery.  We thought it was wonderful. Our tour guide explained the chemistry of the brewing process.  I still have a yellow stain on the palms of my hands, from crushing the hops.  It was very educational.  The beer sampling, of course, is always good.

Afterwards, we walked around Arnold Arboretum until we got hungry.  We definitely have to come back in the spring.  The colors were past peak, but still pretty enough.  I even saw a California redwood there.

When we got hungry, we went to Doyle's.  Doyles was the first bar to sell Samuel Adams Beer.  It is still the first to sell any new beer, that the Sam Adams Brewery produces.  The place is a museum of Irish and old Boston politics.  Hubby thought he died and woke up in heaven.

If today weren't blessing enough, tonight in Dominican Study Group, my "cloistered brothers" talked about  gratitude.  Everyone shared what they were most grateful for.  The list would go on forever.

Thanks be to God.

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