Thursday, October 24, 2013


We're studying Genesis 29-36, in Bible Study.  I can't stop wondering about Esau.  I wonder how he feels and thinks.  What goes through his mind?

In the beginning, he comes across as such a thoughtless, self-absorbed brute.  After his mother betrayed him, I felt differently.  I know it was Jacob that tricked Esau, but his mother was complicit.  Imagine, your own mother!  How could she!  How could she chose one child over another!  I know God told her that Jacob would be favored over Esau, but she didn't wait for God.  What a silly female!

After not receiving the blessing for the first born, Esau did say he would kill Jacob, but that was natural.  I'm considering the culture and time.  Besides, he obviously changes his mind, because twenty years later he greets his brother with genuine love.

What happened to Esau?  That's what I want to know.  What occurred?

Was it Esau's nature?  Did he only live for the moment?  Remember he sold his birthright for some soup to satisfy immediate hunger.  Then he forgot about it.  Did he say he was going to kill Jacob to satisfy immediate rage?  Then he got over it.  Esau was just quick tempered.  He was not the type to dwell on the past.  I don't know.

Maybe I'll write my own story about Esau.  Jacob can stay Israel, but Esau is content and happy and God loving, and loved back.

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