Phyllis and Caroline Toast

T.O.P.S. stands for Take Off Pounds Sensibly.  When a person joins T.O.P.S., they quickly learn that K.O.P.S. is what every T.O.P.S. member strives for.  K.O.P.S. stands for Keep Off Pounds Sensibly.  A K.O.P.S. has attained their weight goal.  Now he/she has to maintain that weight.  Not three pounds over or seven pounds under, are allowed.  If that happens, the K.O.P.S. has two weeks to get back on track.

To achieve K.O.P.S., one must learn the discipline of weekly weight-ins, count calories, plan ahead, eat mindfully, exercise, face their personal weaknesses and strengths, and change their lifestyle, habits, and attitudes.  And it ain't easy.

There will be setbacks.  K.O.P.S. have to learn to cope with that.

Above is my group's (T.O.P.S. Franklin, 463), new K.O.P.S.   Congratulations ladies!

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