Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Snippets -- A Catholic Carnival

It's Sunday again.  This means I link my blog to a blog called This That And The Other Thing.  I encourage you to click on that link and read what's happening.

On This That and The Other Thing, we are discussing the religious sisters in the parishes we grew up in.  My parish had Sisters of the Notre Dame de Namur.  But I didn't go to the parish parochial school, St. Monica's .  My parents said the public schools were better.  But I think the real reason was because you had to pay to go to the parish school.  Today, the parish has both religious sisters and lay teachers.  In fact, I taught there at one time.

This week wasn't as busy as last week, but I had a good week.

Monday -- I wrote about a surprising recipe I found in a cook book.

Tuesday -- I posted about the Pope's upcoming journey to South Korea.

Wednesday -- I've been blessed with some wonderful friends.

Thursday -- The present times call for much prayer.

Friday -- I wrote a short story.  (It is fiction.)

Saturday --  What I learned from a jar.

Hope you enjoy my posts and all the others at This That And the Other Thing.


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