Friday, July 4, 2014

Hurricanes Blowing down the Fourth of July

Hurricane Arthur is messing up my weekend.  Company planning to visit have cancelled out.  We bought a lot of food that I worry about spoilage if the electricity goes out.  Last night Boston Pop's on the Esplanade rescheduled their concert to last night, and started the fireworks before the rain came and then told the crowd to "get home!"  The town of Falmouth, where my family and I always go to see the fireworks have rescheduled to Sunday.

There's someone who every morning visits my blog from New Orleans, LA.  She/he prays the prayer to Our Lady of Prompt Succour.  And this morning I read about another intercessor for protection against hurricanes, "The Hurricane Lady."  This a statue the community has had for centuries and believe is the reason why they are protected from hurricanes.

I calling on the two of them to keep this hurricane away from Cape Cod.  Push it out to sea.


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