Tuesday, July 22, 2014

We are What We Were Created By.

A Selfie with fra Tim
Five of us trekked down to Christ the King parish to see Father Timothy Radcliffe speak.  This parish has a Summer Speaker Series and Father Radcliffe is their July offering.

We've been traveling down, together for the other speakers, also.  We go out to eat at a restaurant down the Cape, where we can pig out on seafood.  We have a very good time.

Tonight was not a disappointment.  Father was very good.  We sat in front; I sat right next to him!  He leaned over to me and asked me to pray for him because he lost the middle of his Talk.  He said he must have left it on his bed, but the middle of his papers is missing.

It seemed fine to me.  I didn't see anything missing.  He talked about how beautiful our human bodies were.  How important the sense of touch was.  When he talked about the eyes; he spoke about his brother in community, Vincent, who was blind, but such a joy to everyone.  The ears and listening were a major point.  Talking involves listening.  We are made in the image of God, and as such, are beautiful.  We are the presence of God.  We carry Him out into our world.

As we rode home, all five of us, squished together.  We joked about our bodies touching each other and how we were relating as Jesus would want us to.


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