Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Snippets -- A Catholic Carnival

R'Ann asks about priests who have influenced my life.  I have two.  The first is Fr. Aniello.  Father has the gift of healing.  Back in the day, I didn't know what that meant.  A friend and co-worker asked me to take her to a healing service, since Father Aniello was celebrating Mass and a healing service, in my parish.  I did.  No, I didn't experience a Saul to Paul knock off my ass.  But I felt something.  Better, I have had an insatiable desire to learn all I can about our Triune God, ever since.

The other priest, conversely, affected me.  He was my very first spiritual director.  Fr. John was kinda flaky.  "Kinda" is being kinda.  I went to him about four times.  Since he was my first SD, I was very sincere, devoted, and conscientious.  I remember him telling me it was most important to have a regular prayer life.  I should go to morning Mass, if possible.  I should learn the Divine Office.  Pray a daily Rosary.  Also, I should set aside time to do Lectio Divina.  Finally, Confession should be once a month.

This is what I remember and still try to do.  Outside of that, Father John kept forgetting to come to our sessions.  He wouldn't return my phone calls and I hated to be a pest, and keep calling and calling. I eventually stopped calling, and he never noticed. When I see him today, he said he doesn't remember this at all.

Probably repressed the memory!

However, as terrible as he was at being a SD, our first encounter, and his instructions to me, are what have influenced me for the rest of my life.

R'Ann also asks that I and other bloggers join together on her site, This And That And The Other Thing, and share with each other what happened to us, during the past week.  I was very busy and sick on the Fourth of July--lasting throughout July 5.  It was some kind of intestinal bug.  I feel better, today.

Sunday -- Obsessing about statue's toes.

Monday -- Finally finished after 37 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday -- Beautifully poetic day.

Wednesday -- My Iraqui family needs help desperately.

Thursday -- The diocese of Springfield Mass has a new bishop.

Friday -- Hurricane Arthur

Be in touch next week.


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