Monday, July 21, 2014

Who Said Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend?

Every detective series has some endearing quality to hook the reader, or the series would have been a one shot deal.  The detective story, The Hard Way, has many endearing facets, which is why the Laurel and Helen mysteries are so successful.  The author, Cathi Stoler has introduced an interesting main character, Helen McCorkendale.  She’s so believable, you recognize her.  Why she’s that lady you see around town.  She is always dressed fashionably, and is busy doing something interesting.  You’d love to be friends with her.

Guess what.  You can.  The book is The Hard Way, by Cathi Stoler, and you and Helen can have a cup of coffee and share one dessert with two spoons.  That’s how Helen is.  Helen will also tell you about her boyfriend Mike.  They recently moved in together.  Laurel is Helen friend, accomplice, and Mike’s daughter.

The Hard Way is about Helen helping out another friend, Jimmy.  Jimmy Scanlon just opened up a casino in Las Vegas.  He named it January because the theme is “cold.”  That’s cold colors, a frozen bar, and all around “cool”.  As a promotional gimmick, a contest offered a free weekend at January.  What’s weird is that the winner didn’t want to come.  She eventually changed her mind and came, only to be murdered.  The Hard Way is a who done it.

The suspects are: Jimmy’s competitor—Drummond, someone in the mob, maybe even one of the diamond exhibitors staying at the January.  I’ll help you out.  The killer isn’t one of them, but that’s the closest to a spoiler, you’ll get.  There’s a traitor in Jimmy’s circle of confidants and friends.  Then there’s an international jewel theft ring.  And oh, the murdered victim wasn’t an innocent casualty.

An interesting aside is Laurel’s love life.  Laurel is Helen’s partner in crime, so to speak.  Laurel was interested in a New York cop.  Evidently, due to circumstances,  Aaron Gerrard (the cop) can never understand, why Laurel betrayed him.  He has turned his back on her; he won’t listen; he is finished with her.  This case has them working together, again.  This interplay is very interesting. 

Interpol becomes involved.  Diamonds are stolen.  People are killed.  Helen is in danger. 
The pace is so fast that you can’t read fast enough.   You’ll enjoy every minute of The Hard Way.  In fact, you’ll soon be reading the other two Laurel and Helen New York Mystery series, because The Hard Way will make you a fan.

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April 15, 2014
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