Call to Prayer

call to prayerCardinal Seán O'Malley

Chairman, USCCB Committee on Pro-Life Activities
It is a great blessing to be joined in prayer with thousands of Catholics nationwide. The Call to Prayer is a reminder for all of us that we rely on God for everything; it is an invitation to grow in faith and love as we pray and fast together for the protection of life, marriage and religious liberty. Everyone can make a difference for the good of the Church and society through participation in this important campaign. Please join me and so many others in holding up the power of prayer.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is asking people to pray, do penance, and sacrifice, for the sake of renewing a culture of life, marriage, and religious liberty in our country.  Life, marriage, and religious liberty are good for society; they are not just the values of the Catholic Church.  The well-being of society rerquires that strong marriages and families, life, and our religious liberties are promoted and protected.

Our culture does not promote family values.  In many ways our government does not support our religious values and hampers our exercise of our religious freedom.  We live in a threatening environment.

So the USCCB has asked all people of good will to join together in prayer.  You can participate by:
1.  Host or attend a Eucharistic Holy Hour on the last Sunday of the month.
2.  Daily Rosary.
3.  Suggested Prayers of the Faithful, at Mass.
4.  Abstain from meat on Fridays.
5.  Pray

Lots of information on the Call to Prayer website.

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