Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pirate Ordained Deacon

The pirate is to the left of Monsignor Moroney

There's no Chapter today.  There's no study group.  There's no reason to leave the house today, so I caught up on my reading.  In reading The Pilot, I was happy to read that two seminarians I know, are now Deacons.  I was very happy to learn that Chris Wallace, who taught me how to pray like a pirate--ARRR was among the three ordained on Jan. 19, by Cardinal Sean Patrick.

A deacon is the first of the three ranks of ordained ministry in the Catholic Church (Deacon, Priest, Bishop).  Now, these three deacons may preside at baptisms, weddings, rites of Christian burial, assist at Mass, proclaim the Gospel, and deliver homilies.  And I do hope that some priests will offer them the opportunity to do so, before their ordination.

Please keep these three Deacons in your prayers, ARRR, as they prepare to be ordained as priests in June.

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