Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pray to Listen and Understand

Open these ears.

Luke 4: 20-30 relates the story of Jesus preaching in the temple.  "Today this Scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing."  And he goes on to tell the people that they don't listen.  That they don't get it.

Can you imagine the scene?  Everyone arguing, shouting, pushing, and maybe calmer people trying to make sense of it all.  The result being that the crowd wanted to push Jesus off a cliff.


He escapes.  I picture his escape was due more to the crowd arguing among each other.  They probably turned their wrath from Jesus to someone else, like some obnoxious loud mouth. I also don't think it would be common practice to throw someone off a cliff because they didn't like his preaching. Who'd open their mouth, it that were so.

You have to have "ears that hear," to understand Jesus' message.  You have to have faith and hope, too.  Greater than faith and hope, Jesus shows us how to love.  We are to love the Father; we are to love our neighbor.

And this is why they wanted to throw Him off a cliff.

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