Thursday, January 24, 2013

God Kisses Better

My “cloistered brothers” were recollecting when they first encountered God.  Some felt peace, saw light, heard joy, in various circumstances.  Some were in accidents, some while attending Cursillo, some participated in a healing service, and some were reading scripture.  

The memories soon changed into life after encountering God.  My brothers spoke of feeling protected, not alone, or God has my back.  There were frequent references to God’s plans.
We realized that we were speaking as if God planned this to happen, which isn’t true.  We very well could have chosen not to be receptive to the Holy Spirit.  We could have shaken off whatever grace filled promptings that were blessing us.  But we didn’t.  We freely chose to accept God.

We were sounding like we had no choice--that we were predestined to such and such behavior.  Just the thought evoked laughter because with our history, we were more than likely to choose the wrong way.  (So much for predestination).

The way to look at it, we concluded, was that we freely chose, but accepting God and His Will, made it better.

 Oh yes, it makes all the difference in the world.

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