Saturday, September 25, 2010

Partisan Politics

I was posting about how the media will slant the news you hear and see.  In particular, I was using the Pro-Life movement as an example.  From what I see  happening right now, I'm worried.

I'm worried because I see division in the Pro-Life ranks.  It is true that Republicans are fighting the Democrats for seats in the up-coming elections.  But the Pro-Life movement shouldn't be Republican or Democrat.  There are Pro-Life Democrats.

I'm sick of partisan politics.  I'm sick of the bilious campaign attacks that bombard the TV waves.  Aren't you?

I've actually seen bumper stickers that read "You can't be Pro-Life and Democrat."  What do you call the Pro-Life Democrats?  The Democrats for Life in America?  Reasonable Pro-Lifers will work together to change attitudes toward abortion, regardless of which party holds a majority. 

Dividing the Pro-Life movement into political parties may make the news, but I fear it will hold long-term consequences for the unborn.  Yes Republicans and Democrats have different political philosophies, but that should not interfere with their mutual cause of protecting life. 

Don't vote Republican or Democrat, vote Pro-Life.  That's the most basic issue.  If a politician can't support the most vulnerable, how can you trust him/her to have your interest in mind?

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