Saturday, September 25, 2010

Book Review

There are some people, I would guess, who have left the church and would like to come back.  They’re thinking about it, but don’t know how to go about it.  This book, Why God Matters, by Karina Lumbert Fabian and Deacon Steven Lumbert is the “home free” ticket.  I’m recommending this book to the RCIA leaders in my parish.  It’s perfect for Catholic “newbies.”
      One of the appeals is the format.  Readers are not bogged down in doctrinal “vaticanese.”  Each chapter begins with a Life Lesson, which offers some thoughts and/or sometimes suggestions that prepare you for the story.  After the Life Lesson is a Scripture reference. Then a quote from the Catechism.  Lastly, is the story by either Karina Lumbert Fabian, or her Dad, Deacon Lumbert.  That’s it—5 pages. 
     The stories themselves reveal a journey of faith that everyone will find something to identify with.  They seem to cover everything.  One of my favorites was Chapter Six, “Does God Send Flowers?”.   Karina tells the story of having a bad day when the door bell rings with a flower delivery for her.  They were a birthday gift of flowers from her in-laws, but she knew it was from God giving her just what she needed. 
     I have a similar story, where I was really trying very hard to love praying the Rosary.  One day, I had planned to be alone for an afternoon so that I could concentrate, once and for all, on praying a really, really, good Rosary.  I knelt down in the middle of the living room floor and swore to myself that I wouldn’t allow any distractions, whatsoever.  Then the door bell rung.  I couldn’t believe it!  I thought that damn bell was broken.  Who would be ringing my doorbell?  It was a flower delivery of a dozen roses.  My children were sending a dozen roses for my wedding anniversary.  And I also knew that the Rosary was symbolized as a garland of roses.  I too, like Karina, knew God had sent them.
     I used the book as a daily reflection.  It would be good for Eucharistic Adoration, too.  There’s plenty of meditation.  Buy it; read it; enjoy it; and pray with it.  It will bring you closer to God.


Karina Fabian said...

Thanks for sharing Why God Matters with your readers. I'm especially honored that you used it as a daily devotional. Several reviewers have recommended it, but I think you're the first to say you actually did this.

Incidentally, if your RCIA class used the book and would like to do a group call or video teleconference to talk about it with my father and me, we'd be glad to arrange something.


Tribute Books said...

Faith - I really enjoyed your review.

Love the term "doctrinal vaticanese" - great way to explain what "Why God Matters" is not!

I also loved your own personal version of "Does God Send Flowers?" Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor, right?

Thanks again for sharing the book with your blog readers and for your support of "Why God Matters."

Best wishes,
Tribute Books

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