Thursday, September 23, 2010

Media Manipulation

Back in the day, somewhere, sometime, I remember learning "Believe half of what you see; and none of what you hear."  I always believed that meant to half believe what I read, and don't believe any hearsay.

Recently, I've come to realize that when it comes to TV news, which is seeing and hearing, you shouldn't believe any thing.  The manipulation sometimes is so obvious.  In order to get a balanced view you need to watch at least a couple of news channels, or read different newspapers.  You can't just read the ones you agree with, or you'll soon notice your friends and relatives avoiding you.  You'll become narrow minded.

I've been to the same Town Council meetings that a newspaper reported has been and when I read what they wrote, you'd never know we were at the same meeting.  And it's not just different perspective, it's deliberately slanting what transpired to attract an audience.  That's manipulation.

For some reason, goodness isn't news.  Only the bad is reported.  If something good is ever reported it's given minimal space.  The last episode I was involved in was the March for Life, Jan 22, 2010.  It was the biggest yet.  It was hardly given any notice on TV.  Those that did mention it, said it was a small crowd.  Small!!! I couldn't find an empty seat in the Basilica.  I repeat, THE BASILICA!!!   It was also said that the crowd was small because the supporters were getting too old to walk and they were dying out.  Does the picture above look like old people?  This was my bus, and no I wasn't chaperoning a bunch of high schoolers, this was St. Brendan's parish bus. 

The media for some reason doesn't report fairly.  It's owners or stock holders must have a set agenda and deliberately slant the news.  It's like the news in a communist country only reporting what the government says.  Only it's not the government, it's some other influential entity.  If you're involved in the pro-life fight you'd know what I'm saying is true.  

Maybe because the news is a "product."  It has to sell.  So some things that are really no one's business are reported ad naseum: Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Anna Nicole Smith's baby, O.J. Simpson, etc..  See how the news is blown out of proportion?  The news is actually censored.  News like Dr. Bernard Nathanson, the famous pro-abortionist, changing to pro-life, Norma McCorvey - the famous Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade, changing to pro-life, or people like Gianna Jessen who was aborted but survived, are fantastic, wonderful stories.  But they are deemed unpopular and don't get the attention they deserve.  The media is trying to manipulate us.

Sometimes, the media will tell the stories of the most extreme to influence you.  This is propaganda.  Then polls will be conducted with questions asked in such a way as to skewer the results.  These unfair results will be quoted to tell everyone what everyone thinks.  

Don't fall for it.  

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