Good, Better, Best

Re: Luke: 9:51-62

The lighthouse keeper was given an allotment of oil to run the lighthouse for a month.  A neighbor ran out of oil and needed it to keep his newborn warm.  He begged the lighthouse keeper for some oil.  The keeper gave him what he needed.  Again, an elderly neighbor ran out of oil and begged for some.  The lighthouse keeper helped her.

Unfortunately, the oil ran out in the lighthouse, itself.  Consequently, a boat was shipwrecked on the rocks, and a hundred lives were lost.

The lighthouse keeper was cited for gross negligence.  The court found him guilty of the deaths of those one hundred sailors.

The lighthouse keeper chose the wrong "good."  Helping your neighbor is a good thing.  Doing your job is the better choice.  And that's the lesson in Jesus' parable about the two "would-be" disciples, who wanted to tend to their own concerns, rather than follow Jesus.

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