Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sunday Snippets

It's Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival time!  Hat tip to RAnn for hosting.  This week I was on vacation, down the Cape.  That is, East Falmouth in Cape Cod, MA.  I got Sunburnt fishing, besides not catching anything, so my activity from then on was bike riding.  At least the bike paths are shaded, and those that aren't, are beside the ocean.  So when you got hot, you got off your bike, and jumped in the water, to cool off.
    The fireworks were a dud.  It was too foggy to see them.  They're shot off a barge anchored off shore.  Sounds cool, but one year the barge slipped off its mooring and all hell broke lose.  Another year the guy setting off the fireworks got burned, and he jumped in the water.  Then there was a time when the fireworks ALL caught on fire.  Those were AWESOME, but too short.
   It seems like I didn't have a good time, but I did. I had so much fun.   And you can tell, I didn't have time to do much posting.  At least, to put too much thought in posting.  But if I have to pick the best, I'd like to call attention to: Our God of Reversals, and Good, Better, Best.  Both posts were from daily homilies at St. Anthony's.  

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