Friday, July 19, 2013

Why Adoration?

While treading water at Menauhant Beach, my friend and I were discussing Eucharist Adoration. (Doesn't everybody do that at the beach?)  Our parish has stopped Adoration, for the summer.  My friend expressed the opinion that she doesn't see, nor understand the reason for Adoration.  Why is it even needed, when Jesus is everywhere, and especially present, in the Tabernacle?

At the time, I couldn't think of a response.  (Getting sunstroke is as good a reason as any.)  However, I've been thinking and praying about an answer, ever since.  I even solicited help from my Facebook friends.  And their posts kept me thinking.

This is what I'm going to explain to her.  Appealing to the magisterium of the Church doesn't reach everybody.  Many find it difficult and are not inclined that way.  What does appeal to everybody is attaining a personal relationship with God.  A good teacher will use visual, auditory, and tactile means to get a lesson across.  Hence, to give the people a personal relationship with Jesus, visual, audio, and tactile means will work well.

Although anybody and everyone may enter a Catholic Church and pray before the Tabernacle, it isn't the same as a beautiful visual aid, known as Eucharistic Adoration.  That is obvious.  The Host in the monstrance is drawing all eyes to adore It.  Add benediction and the smell of incense will appeal to the senses.  Chant and song, and people are really participating in communal praise and glory to God.

What more could the people need?

Ah...a loving feminine touch would complete the devotion.  Praying the rosary  (fingering prayer beads) is a long established method of relating to Jesus, through His Mother.

I therefore conclude that Eucharistic Adoration is not more important than spending prayer time before the Tabernacle, but it is one very powerful devotion that has a unique importance all on its own. 

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