Monday, July 8, 2013

Another Prayer Group Tale

The pastor, Father Diotrophes thought he had them--the prayer group that is.  They always spooked him with their quiet shuffling around.  They just annoyed him.  Anyway, he told their leader to stop meeting during the summer.  Surprisingly, their leader didn’t say anything but nodded his head in agreement.  He did understand though, because he said, “Before we end for the summer, may we have a procession to crown Mary?”  The pastor readily agreed.

“Hooray!” thought the pastor.  They’ll be gone for the summer.

He forgot about the May procession until he was awaken from his nap by singing.  He looked out the window, and saw many, many people surrounding the statue of Mary, in front of the rectory.  

Good Lord!  They were woke him up with “And the Father Will Dance!” 

“Lord have mercy.”

“That little prayer grew?  This must be a nightmare.”

No, it was still a little, overly pious, overly devotional, group.  But they had somehow managed to gather their friends and family together, for a May crowning of Mary.  They were also elderly and forgetful.  The leader forgot that the pastor said not to meet during the summer.  Things carried on, as before.  And the Father danced fumed.

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